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All India Council of Vocational Education (AICVE)

An Institute of Education
Registered Under Government of West Bengal
Empaneled Under NITI AAYOG , Government of India

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The “All India Council of Vocational Education (AICVE)” is to provide entire computer education to common and middle class people and people below poverty line in our country of any age group, to make them computer educates for getting not only jobs in the cities but also in the villages. We are encouraging our government computer literacy movement all over the nation.

Technical education has already transformed millions of lives in India and is fuelling economic growth across all its sectors. But there still are several pockets of rural India left behind by the technological revolution and where the modernization of the education system is still a fancy dream. It is not that students here lack the willingness to study; what they do not receive is the opportunity to study and the availability of quality yet affordable educational resources.

AICVE profitable organization committed towards the quality computer education to young generation living in villages. The organization aims to provide three types of training: (a) Basic computer literacy (b) Computer as a tool for learning in schools and home (c) Training in hardware.

The need of the hour for our organization is to obtain used computers on which we can train rural youth. This will also enable us to open more branches in rural areas.

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